Monday, June 29, 2009

Sherwood Brewing Company, visit #1

Our first visit to Sherwood was with Ben, Tim and myself. It was recommended to us while we were visiting the Kuhnhenn a while before, and the three of us were doing an unofficial metro Detroit little brewery crawl, we decided to make the trek up to Shelby Township and hit up the Sherwood Brewing Company. It was a great time, hardly anyone was there and we sat right at the bar and had a chat with the bartender who was extremely knowledgable and one of the owners. This is a family owned establishment and it was opened up by a brother, sister and brother -in-law and if I remember correctly, one or two of them used to be teachers. Anyway they decided opening up a brewery would be more fun and here they are! I agree, that does sound like more fun.
Don't be fooled by the strip mall location, the ambiance inside is cool with an assortment of tables, booths, couches, a nice bar, etc. Without further ado, here are the beers we tried this night:

Plush Raspberry Wheat -
[A] -7/10 - Tart, good light fruity taste. Not the creamy banana wheat I like but good for what yeast they used.

Procrastination Scottish Export
[B] - 9/10 - Very good

Manacing Red Ale -
[A] - 8/10 - It has a perfect banana scent, taste, and just happens to be dark but has all the great features I love in a typical hefeweizen
[T] - 9/10 - Got all the right malty flavors without excessive caramel overtones

Birch Beer (non alcoholic)
 [A] & [T] - 10/10 - Awesome!

Sherwood Brewing Company
45689 Hayes Rd
Shelby Township, MI 48315

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