Monday, June 29, 2009

Great Baraboo Brewing Company - Visit #1

At first glance, we thought that this was one of those places with "brewery" in the name and no house beer. It was recommended to us so we made the trek out to the east side to check this place out but as Tim noted, it was a mix between a sports bar and white trash and gave it 1/10 for ambiance. I said it was missing the brewery focus and the sports bar idea was front and center.

The menu was extensive, pasta, ribs, sandwiches, fish, appetizers.. oh and don't forget the Bud Light specials. After insisting we really wanted to try the brewery beers, we had five options to choose from:

King's Peak Caribou Wheat [A] - 2/10 - Bad after/during taste, creamy, wrong yeast, lukewarm, chlorine taste (bad east side water??), reminiscent of dirty dish water
[T] - 4/10 - crap flavored cloudy wheat
[B] - 3/10 - wouldn't want to drink a pint of this

Hoppy Heartland Pale Ale
[T] - 5/10 - Good bitterness, just OK
[B] - 7.5/10 - Enjoy bitterness, pretty tasty

Ass Castle, Honey Brown... seasonal, monthly special
[A] - 4/10 - Can't do darks like this...
[T] - 2/10 - Generally sucks

Shark Tooth Bay Golden Ale - East Side Busch Light
[A] - 3/10 - Better than wheat, tastes like nothing
[T] - 1/10
[B] - 1/10

We also tried the Boston Black Stone Porter but apparently didn't even bother using the rating scale, all my notes say are "ick..."

We ordered crab stuffed portobella mushrooms and chicken nachos. Ben thought the mushrooms were OK but I thought they tasted like fishy alfredo sauce on a mushroom. Tim liked the nachos better than CJ's but I liked CJ's better.

Great Baraboo Brewing Company

35905 Utica Rd
Clinton Township, MI

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