Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Copper Canyon Brewery

Copper Canyon is a big brewery/restaurant in Southfield and has a trendy casual atmosphere which features tall ceilings and a big stone fireplace. It wasn't too crowded when we were there. Sorry the photos are dark, but it was a dark day in a dark place.

They have a very affordable sampler which included almost all of their beers (7) and included a sample of their root beer, Root 696.

A] Tastes great, like blue moon but better almost - 7/10
T] Blue Moon knockoff - 7/10

Devil's Peak IPA
A] I don't do IPAs, as you know
T] A good bitter, too much citrus, unfiltered doesn't work w/ IPA - 7/10

Northwestern Gold
A] Very good light beer - it is very drinkable and refreshing - 8/10
T] Actually has some flavor - 7/10

Copper Canyon Alt
A] Reminds me of Newcastle - 6/10
T] Decent Amber - 6/10

Killer Canyon Porter
A] I hate porters
T] Good roasty flavor - 6/10

Miri Maibock
A] Too sweet for me - 3/10
T] All malt - 4/10

GWSS Scotch Ale
A] Not for me at all, x/10
T] Never liked scotch ales, never will - 3/10

Root 696 (Rootbeer)
A] Delicious, fresh rootbeer, excellent - 9/10
T] Delicious rootbeer - 9/10

Let's talk about the food. As per usual, we ordered the chicken nachos. Copper Canyon should get extra points for making a typical bar appetizer very tasty - it featured multi-colored chips, jalapenos, tasty chicken, and real cheese (Tim has an aversion to that fake 'nacho cheese').

Food Ratings - Chicken Nachos
A] Excellent, homemade salsa - 9/10
T] All jalapenos, no beans - 7/10

All in all, the rootbeer was our favorite but there were a lot of good things here at Copper Canyon and the atmosphere is certainly classy yet comfortable.

Copper Canyon
27522 Northwestern Hwy
Southfield, MI 48034

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