Friday, February 22, 2008

CJ's Brewery

We were out on the "west side" for a special movie feature one weeknight so I talked The Husband into heading up into Commerce to check out CJ's Brewery which we hadn't been to yet. We don't get out to the Commerce area much together (I sorta work out that way) and it's a bit off the expressway.

For the atmosphere, we both gave it 8/10 - it had a neat industrial/modern feel to it.

Let's jump right into the beer we tried that day:

[T] - 7/10 - Good effort, insufficient hops

Cherry?/American? Wheat
[A] - 8/10 - Good thick banana-y wheat, didn't taste much cherry so maybe it was the american? so it was stellar, but no fruit (orange or lemon) garnish
[T] - 8/10 - Good banana flavor

[T] - 6/10 - Good malt flavor, excessive caramel

Cherry Ale - light beer with cherry juice mixed in
[T] - 2/10
[A] - 5/10 - watery, higher score because I could drink a lot of it, but not a great beer

Cherry Wheat - we finally got a sample of this
[T] - 4/10
[A] - 5/10 - not as good as regular wheat, sour

We never got a beer list so that was a little weird. We felt the service was about a 6/10 - pleasant but a few mistakes. Beer glass empty for 10 minutes and we had to bring it up and we were out of napkins for a while when we got out pizza. Last but not least, we never got our dessert.. I said "apple crisp" but apparently she thought I was joking.

Sandwiches, pizza, varied entrees from Italian to Mexican and fish, more variety than you would expect and there was a Thursday happy hour but we never saw the sign

Chicken Nachos
[T] - 4/10 - didn't like the cheese or smokey chipotle salsa but liked the olives
[A] - 6/10 - cheese fine but not hot, had sat out and started to harden up - loved salsa which reminded me of Rio Bravo's and I liked the smokiness, chicken was only OK.. we ate them all so they couldn't have been that bad

Pizza6/10 - CJ's supreme.. apparently they made the wrong one originally so we had to wait another 10 minutes and we got a circle instead of square but overall it had a crisp bottom, soft inside crust and fresh toppings.

CJ's Brewery
8115 Richardson Rd
Commerce Township, Michigan

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